Addition and subtraction skills

Addition and subtraction of vehicles blocked main checking drivers shift master degree, so drivers must be familiar with the master Essentials of hundred mega gear reduction, we will not be lost at the starting line.
examination requirements: vehicles within a hundred meters from a block in turn added to the five-block, from the five gear to second gear, couldnot and reduction gears.
scoring criteria: no parking in regional, exam; stop, failing; turn off, deduction of 20 points; plus or minus block out of order or incomplete, failing; the center line, deduction of 20 points.
skills: when changing take note of wheel, route is not "you", so as to avoid crossed the center line in a fast-moving.
practice addition and subtraction, Bai meters, is not the best way to practice addition and subtraction subject, just that 100 meters could do not to come out, the best way is to run a long way, usually practicing when Lu was run by master with circle, and downshift just naturally skilled. If added reduction document practice of not skilled, to meet exam, can stole points lazy:
added document: hanging 1 document with oil started, started Hou without refueling immediately for 2 document, each stepped on a feet throttle for 1 a document rose 3 document, and 4 document, and 5 document
reduction document: added to 5 document foot moved to brake Shang but not stepped on, only stepped on clutch drop document 4 document, and 3 document, stepped on brake deceleration drop 2 document
tips is 5 document reduction 4 document, and 4 document reduction 3 document Shi without stepped on brake, because accelerated distance short, speed and enough 5 document, So if you step on the brake hard but easy because the speed is too low and the car shook.
started: hang a light come on, go for second gear. Second gear increased oil (gas).
cheats starting: pull a hand brake, hanging files, clutched to the contact, left HAND-BRAKE ON file at the same time, add oil. Slightly faster speed change to the second document, coupled with heavy oil.
advantages: If a file fast enough, second gear speed is very slow. Bring some speed, second gear speed is much faster. Full use of first gear speed is very important.
/> clutch refers primarily to increase three, add four, add five, minus four and minus three times before clutch
my clutch: clutch to change gears, quick contact, quick press.
cheat codes clutch: the clutch in the contacts up and down, heels are not directly lifted with clutch, feel contact stepped on. (The coaches are, contact is the reactionary forces, it revolted to step on it). Stepped on or stepped on, stepped on the contact point can shift.

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