The clutch and accelerator combined with detailed steps

When in actual driving, step on the clutch, after loose throttle, engine speed and with it began to decline. Correct operation is to step on the clutch and loose throttle at the same time (or almost). Even waiting a priority, should also be a step on the clutch in front, loose throttle back. Note that loose throttle time not too delayed, if not, because after hitting the clutch is equivalent to removing the load on the engine, and if the throttle is not released in a timely manner, the engine speed will increase rapidly. It is burning oil is wasted.
shift of the basic principles and common problems of
in order to facilitate the discussion, I shift a foot off the legal process is broadly broken down into the following three steps: the first step, step on the clutch (Manager), loose throttle; second, shift; third, clutch and gas.
the above three steps, which could not produce a stir? Here is a step by step analysis.
the first step: step on the clutch (Manager), loose throttle      This step has the potential to have an impact. Impact due to stepping on clutch loose throttle is out of sequence. If loose throttle at first and then step on the clutch, clutch not separated due to the engine oil, you may receive an "anti-" and the engine braking, it will have a "frustrated" sense of shock. When the gear is high (such as four or five), the braking effect of the engine is lighter, does not have much feeling, but the stalls is low (for example, two or three), "defeating" sense is more obvious.
the second step, shifting      This is a substantive step in the entire shifting process. Under normal conditions, due to Synchronizer effect, treats the meshing of gears in speed did not synchronize Money will not contact and therefore do not produce gear impact. Speed synchronization, two gears will mesh smoothly, so it won't have much of an impact.
Moreover, when shifting operations (force size, change in time), will have a feel similar to the gear lever is automatically breathing in place, for the driver, this was nothing less than a "pleasure".
gear meshing two speed transmission called a "transmission", distinguished from the later mention another synchronization
the third step, clutch, fuel
This is most likely to have the impact of a stage, lift the clutch control is critical. Clutch control at least two, one is the lifting clutch timing, and the other is lifting clutch operation. BACK
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