Subject three test line line Line 1 and Line 2 details

Line 2 line is Line 1 line out and back behind the part here, is no different.
Line 2 line is around the small circle, but there are two line routes. Line 1 line actually went out the first half and second half back line with Line 2 are coincident, so the overall difficulty is about the same. Each test line can be divided into 6-8, following each paragraph according to the actual situation to explain.
first line paragraph 1th road 2nd section, route 3rd, 4th paragraph, choose left lane into routes, change lanes and then into the right lane, turn right at the traffic lights into road 12th, followed by road paragraph 13th, 14th, 15th route route segment, finally pulled over, finish the test. Line 2 line line is relatively short, only route is out in the 12th paragraph, there are vehicles, traffic is relatively simple, but two straight road course, because riding is also on the direct deduction of 100 points, and pay special attention to this.
because the room is basically the actual road and East China Sea Road is a main road, the usual vehicle is a lot of, in General, over here, basically another road or on the road, although might slow down a little bit at first, but as long as the Cheeky, I think the problem is not always perfect, drive opens just fine. BACK
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