Subject two right angle turns test

Quarter turn exam requires students to lower speeds prescribed route, one kept complete, vehicles can turn at right angles from left to right or from right to left through. Quarter turn test the significance of driving through a right-angled bend can improve rapid handling the steering wheel and the wheels, the external gap of good judgment.
here to tell you this method through a quarter turn, the coaches call "death":
, killed
1, turning ready: closer to the outer edge of the road ahead.
2, turning time: bumper and right angle parallel to the Qi Shi.
3, and play:
(1) killed: at one time, fight to the limit position, feeling a "boom" sound, a little over 3 laps.
(2) hand not away from put, and even rub 3 circle, synchronization hands down even pulled 3 times: first "rub" a put direction (to which turned on to where rub), another a only hand hands down pulled (to where turned on to which wing), "rub" of hand continues to "rub" and always not away from steering wheel, turned 3 circle; at, again rub, and pulled is will heard "boom" voice, will can immediately hold steering wheel, and adjustment good gestures.
can feel nothing, using force where hand upward and the top half of the steering wheel. 4 points to 8 points position, "rubbing" is not, at this time should be mainly to pull, "rubbing" Supplement.
II, return
1, time: when the body is put.
2, back to the method: single-rubbing them in their hands, even rubbed three times, which way to turn on which side of the hand rub.
quarter turn is also a more difficult subject, so a lot of times we're going to start to figure out what to do is not to foul, followed by mastering it skills, that's second quarter turn Xiaogang, Ningbo account summary exam tips for everyone. BACK
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