Subject two unilateral bridge

General unilateral bridge not test, without bother practice, but skills can and you said said, unilateral Bridge: for a document, light lift clutch device let front of protruding points alignment left bridge of middle parts slow exercise, current round just about bridge immediately to right a circle, at car speed must to slow, reinforced of most front-end just resisted right bridge inside of when direction quickly to left two circle, see reinforced to underground of two root line. Bar alignment lines start to circle to the right of the direction, adjusting according to long lines on the left, rear wheel under the bridge last two fuel through the line into the next project.
first, will front left reinforced alignment 1 bridge, left Shang bridge Hou see distance, compared body whether are, unilateral bridge method reminded you, front not was amendment and back are, Hou wheels Xia bridge Shi car tail sinking, front Shang lift Shi right playing direction half circle, see II bridge left arrived driving people are ahead Shi, left playing direction a circle, see distance compared body are Shi right playing direction half circle, and back are.
concrete method of operation is: front left tendon on the left bridge, bridge under the left front tire after 1 second, the slow play half a turn right after the midpoint of the line on the left side of the bridge front 20-30 cm to the left circle; waiting for the bridge on the right front, back half a turn; on the bridge if the car is not straight, minimal adjustment has been made.
addition, to first in car body find good a points, with this points alignment single bridge of deck of Central, Shang bridge of when certainly car to Crooked, without tension, as long as you began on good has points, without moving direction on can had, dang feel front round Xia bridge Hou, continues to ahead scroll a circle half, around Shi quickly right playing a circle direction, without playing died.
Visual vehicle protruding to the left of the front cover cover at this time line, note the speed control, when looking to the left covers line the front edge of the bridge on the right side when folded and quickly hit two to the left direction, without killing, two is enough.
keep direction, vehicles slow speed forward, note continues to observation front cover left well cover line, dang left well cover line most front-end and ahead white line stack and Shi, direction right back a circle, in vehicles Xia left bridge Hou and playing finished left of two circle direction Shi, can will eye sight put far,, body Basic run straight Shi right back a circle, keep vehicles straight on line, then on can smooth through right of bridge has.
notes of the above through a unilateral bridge, hope can learn, I believe these skills easily through unilateral bridge project is no problem. Do not think that has passed, after dealing with unilateral bridge will be more than enough, do not despise unilateral bridge this examination, to master skills, diligently practicing to be foolproof. BACK
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