Driving test subjects a question

Driver examination consists of three exams: theory test, test, test.
theory test is based on the Ministry of public security published in the 91st, extraction of the database according to a certain proportion of random 100 questions for the exam.
the latest test was released by 2012 as follows Bank
subject question bank Description:, database structure
questions in the
into automobile and motorcycle, license recovery test classes into three parts. Auto Bank 900 questions, 725 questions general questions, bus-specific question 57 questions, truck-specific test questions 68, wheeled machinery for their own test 50 questions.
General questions covers has car class the models of will test knowledge; bus dedicated questions covers has bus class of will test knowledge, for A1, and A3, and B1 associate driving type applicants exam using; truck dedicated questions Library covers has truck class of will test knowledge, for A2, and B2 associate driving type applicants exam using; round type itself mechanical car dedicated questions covers has round type mechanical class of will test knowledge, for various round type itself mechanical applicants exam using.
motorcycle test 420 questions, covering the necessary knowledge of the motorcycle class, for d, e, f type examination of the applicant. New C5 models.
ER, upgrades, arranged
considered driving training institutions on course content and training materials needed to adjust, test database upgrade completed in two stages. Before April 1, 2012, recovery should be completed around driving examination and motorcycle test bank upgrades. Automotive test bank upgrades should be completed before July 1, 2012. From April 1 to July 1 for the transition period, all over the used car test bank or new auto class examination for early lead, increases the drive, out of learning, army, foreign business accounts for a test.
according to the Ministry of public security, 111th, implemented on April 1, 2012, the new exam questions in the subject. Subject tests in the future, car tests, examination consists of 100 questions in the original 1500 questions become 100 problems in 900 questions. Motorcycle test consists of 100 questions from originally 800 questions to 50 questions from 420 questions. Both types of exam time is 45 minutes. Increased driver's license restoration exam, simply out of 50 questions from the 450 questions and test time is 30 minutes.

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