Winter car, pay attention to rational use of lights, passing off high beam lights

Fade in late autumn, at night time and earlier, during the day increases the length of the night. This will, driving in a dark environment will also increase. Often has dark from work in the evening. At this point we need to open the lighting at the right time, so that we can better view of the road conditions, ensuring driving safety. 29th senior automotive engineer Mr Jiang told reporters, using various lighting devices on a motor vehicle environment and considerations.
should be shut down when passing beam lamp
according to senior automotive engineer Mr Jiang to introduce, on a motor vehicle is equipped with a beam lamps, driving lamps, fog lights, and width lamp. Low beam lights lighting distance and conventional halogen light bulb yellow light, in a good light or street light on city streets, the lighting effect is not obvious. Xenon headlamps because the issue is white or pale blue light, high-definition for the lighting, Xenon headlights in the fog days of very limited light penetration. High beam light in low light situations can provide more and more exposure, more distant, but if used incorrectly it will seriously affect the normal driving other vehicles. Found a vehicle on to the lane, we should promptly close the high beam lights, to be opened to traffic again after.
fog lights are fog, heavy rain, snow opens in a weather conditions of low visibility, low visibility when using fog lamp high power, high brightness, strong penetrability characteristic in low visibility situations or rear vehicle can see beyond themselves, so as to avoid the occurrence of dangerous. And width lamp is used when the key is in the evening or early in the morning, the light is not bad enough to turn on when the low beam lights, can use width lamp for tips to avoid unnecessary losses.
night overtake earlier using the turn signal
night Highway traveling first to control speed, do not exceed the qualified Highway speed, his frequent use of high beam lights viewing distance, so as to make the right judgments in a timely manner. At the time of overtaking moves, the pilot opened earlier turn signals, look after overtaking and lines. This is because night-time visibility is reduced, not driving at night driving during the day, you need to give yourself more time to anticipate.
according to the traffic Police Department staff, nightly in unplugged high risk driving on highways, as in the case of insufficient lighting, the pilot is easy to ignore "hidden" fork in the road. Because there is no light indicates, the fork in the road is often a vehicle, if the speed is too fast is very difficult to make a timely policy response. Therefore, in the road conditions, the pilot can frequently use the high beam lights to see junction is ahead, and make slow movements in advance, in order to increase driving safety. BACK
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