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With the popularity of private cars, auto insurance has also become the people follow the additional spending. But many drivers know to buy car insurance, and in the unlikely event that circumstances do, are confused. "Easy insurance, claims" is generally a problem. Here we combine the major provisions of the insurance companies, put together this simple claims process, hope the bikers in a happens to know, reported in a timely manner, successful claims.
as long as you follow the requirements for insurance companies, itemized in accordance with the procedure complete, general insurance claims are not as complex as you might think. Whether he crashed my car, hit another car, also is being hit by a general claim process is like this:
1. vehicle accident report and
after the accident the first thing to do is, timely report to the respective insurance companies and transport management, told insurance company damaged vehicles is where the survey will damage to vehicles. Let the insurance company know the applicant out of the traffic accident on the one hand, on the other hand you can also advice how to deal with, protect the site from the insurance company, the insurance company will teach them how to ask each other for the accident proved that.
2. the police prove
driving license, driver's license, identification card, site of traffic accident police completed confirmation. Site traffic according to the statements of the parties, after surveying the accident accident identification and allocation of responsibilities, if there is no dispute, fill in the book of traffic accident responsibility determination, owner of signature confirmation.
Show me the above 3 license and insurance certificates, preliminary loss adjusters to complete site survey work for receipt of audited claims documents, fill out the notice of the danger of motor vehicle insurance/claims, the two sides signed.
4. adjusters audited loss
confirmed the accident, all vehicles should be immediately to the automobile insurance claims services resident will loss the loss determined, fill out of the motor vehicle insurance vehicle damage project confirmation. If there is no dispute, the two sides signed, adjusters issued task orders to determine maintenance and repair time.
5. send repair
If the repair is recommended by the insurance company accident car, finished, you can claim to the repair shop, and issue a report to the insurance company to repair shop took the claims of a power of Attorney, and then pay for their share of the repair costs (insurance deductibles, for example), you can directly. If you choose repair, complete car, you must first repair shop to pay for the repairs, and took all of the claim to the insurance company's claims Department claims.
6. insurance company review Hou lost pay closed
vehicles repair and the accident processing closed Hou, handle insurance claims by needed information:
(1) motor vehicle car policy and the batch single original original, and copies;
(2) mobile vehicles insurance danger/claims notice;
(3) related driving card, and license, and ID copies;
(4) related reparations receipt, and steam repair invoice, original;
(5) road traffic accident responsibility finds book < BR/> car accident claims Note:
1. not to take responsibility for the accident
some owners think that insurance companies pay, so all of the responsibilities assumed. In fact, insurance amount of responsibilities under the owner developed a different pay scale.
2. don't itself promised compensation amount
If not after insurance company allows, itself promised third party about claims amount of commitment, this commitment insurance company is right to overthrow again of, if again approved of price and third party of requirements has gap, is this gap will by owners itself bear
3. avoid first repair Hou claims
some owners in danger Hou to save time and trouble first find garage, repair finished car Hou again find insurance company claims costs. In fact, owners report to the insurance company if you do not begin to repair their vehicles, in a claims when insurers considered high repair costs and the costs of damage, the difference will be borne by the owner.
4. to entrust the repair shop claims carefully
an owner in order to facilitate and do not communicate directly with the insurance company after an accident, but delegating claims is more familiar to the repair shop. This behavior can be risky, some repair shops will let the owner go "astray" to achieve reimbursement purposes, and these "crooked ways" If the insurance company confirmed that owners need not only their own responsibility, will leave bad records in the insurance company.
5. excluding deductible range restricted
even if the insured without excess insurance, the owner does not necessarily get the full claim. In order to prevent moral hazard of insurance companies, will separate on some specific incidents of a franchise, the franchise does not belong to any deductibles range. If danger more than once, the Super scope and claim documents are not strictly equal, insurance companies will generally be deducting franchise. Excluding deductible insurance is additional risk, mainly for CDW and third party liability insurance and other insurance, additional risks such as spontaneous combustion, a separate glass breakage, excluding deductible insurance did not work. BACK
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