Extend the life of cars, abandoned vehicles for six bad habits

Cars become more and more popular because car habits caused the car life cut short, due to an error with the car used to cause injury and damage the car examples abound. Used is appropriate or not to use the car, directly related to the service life of the vehicle. Such as engines, if properly maintained, open 500,000 ~60 million kilometers are no problem. Bad maintenance, overhaul may not be 100,000 km, life is five or six times times.
so, exactly which car used zap car damages car, but often we ignore it?
first: vehicles for older, more lazy
new car maintenance when maintenance frequency is very high, a little problem running 4S shops. Available cars long, less and less attention to vehicle maintenance, is an extreme example. In fact, car maintenance frequency should be proportional to the age. Car use more time, mileage and maintenance more frequently. New cars for every 10,000 km maintenance time, 10-year old car, it should be serviced every 1000 km. Now provides more than 6 years old car, annual inspection, is the truth.
II: steering wheel
fight in the learning process, coaches sometimes to the participants "steering wheel", that is to make the car more precisely. But after completion, many owners still retain the habit, even worse enemy, a habit that hurt, because doing so will make the steering system of the ball, connecting rod wear escalate dramatically. For cars with power steering,, when the steering wheel power steering pump after the death of output to the maximum steering fluid flow, sharp increases in oil pressure and oil temperature within the power steering system, caused by damaged or leaking of the power steering system.
III: brake
pounding a foot on the throttle and slammed on the brakes, is the way many people like to drive. Current car used disc brakes and drum brakes of two. Disc brake is a brake pad and brake disc friction brakes, brake pad is a loss. Often slammed on the brakes, and will greatly shorten the life of brake pads. Some 40,000 km replacing brake pads, some 10,000 kilometers had to be replaced. Drum brakes are often slammed on the brakes, can easily cause the brakes to overheat failure, safety implications. Slammed on the brakes as a last resort only when done, drive cars should also "stop".
fourth: "road rough" go
many people drive fast and fierce, over speed bumps, ditch is not slowing down. Encountered potholes section throttle speed. These habits, ranging from easy to affect wheel alignment system, causing misalignment, or affects tire life, affected the vehicle's suspension, sometimes ditch also scratches to the vehicle chassis, even ruin the engine.
fifth: freely up and down the road the Crown
This is the tire's "killer". Hankook Tire to do a census, in China, 70% tire damage due to the automotive and the Crown of the road. Especially crowded into the Crown of the road sideways, is prone to tire burst. In addition, units, community spaces could not be found when many owners will borrow flower beds, along the road, stopped the car sideways all day. As everyone knows, the parking mode, steam will make tire pressure imbalance for a long time, easy tire bulge.
sixth: gas alarm continue
the fuel tank warning light if the light, means little left in the tank. But older drivers know, by virtue of the rest of the fuel, the vehicle can travel dozens of kilometers. However, many models at the gasoline pump, mounted directly on the bottom of the fuel, fuel pump relies on gasoline for lubrication and cooling. If the quantity of gas is missing too much, driving conditions, fuel pump not properly lubricated and cooled, the damage is likely to result in the pump body BACK
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