Novice driving personal feelings, novice driving points

Although license two years, but he was a novice. Think they could drive talent, but because it is not often, occasionally touch the car still has some worries. Following some personal feelings, is also feeling more total points.
novice drivers, mostly driving new vehicles. In such a situation, the first step is to familiarize the temperament of vehicles as soon as possible.
by first adjusting the driving position to suit your body shape,
, and then adjusting the back view mirror. When all is ready, select a traffic road trying to drive less, feel clear vehicle throttle and foot valves react as soon as possible, before driving to their destinations.
plans driving directions
not familiar route is one of the main causes of accidents involving novice, so go to unfamiliar areas, should get familiar route friends ask about traffic routes, note the important corner location. If possible, try to find an experienced friend in the tip of the familiar route, can prevent accidents from happening.
to comply with signs indicates
novice on speed of feel only is General, driving Shi often not consciously to more open more fast, plus on detours of drive experience insufficient, so more to attention road next of traffic mark, remember comply with lane of speed limit, saw has warning sex of detours mark, should slows down speed prepared into bent, avoid for speed too high and appeared tire skid of accident.
to be calm and patient
keep ability, is the best way to avoid accidents. So should maintain an adequate distance from the vehicle when driving, remember "two-second distance." Method is the current drive of a tag, your heart "1001, 1002" after passing the same marks, in line with the "two-second distance" criteria. In addition, the drive should not only look at the vehicle in front should cool their "driver's view" on the front, so as to keep the foresight, broadening the scope of driver's field of vision can be more heads-up on traffic ahead, an early response.
novice overtaking and being ultra is actually very ordinary things. Problem is that overtaking must be conducted in a safe manner, whether novice or not, must abide by the following rules: before overtaking should be directed to the right lights, and from behind the back view mirror see no cars on to determine when there are no other vehicles before, before accelerating into the right lane. Bear in mind that overtaking must be carried out from the right side, cut in from the left is dangerous, violation of traffic regulations.
avoid tangents turn the steering wheel suddenly, should be smooth and gradual cut to the right, and then continue to accelerate from overtaking. Driving on roads, but keep an eye in front of traffic, have to pay attention to traffic behind. When there is a faster approach than himself, should yield to maintain speed, let it advance. If there are three traffic lanes on expressways, should rely on on line or stay on the middle lane to the left lane, so cars driving on the right line in need. BACK
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