Driving a red light ultra-30S, stalled waiting for better fuel economy

New car caution running 1000 km, 1500 km drive
within 1000 km of driving new cars, vehicle speed shall not exceed the maximum speed of 3/4; definitely not allow the pedal; don't go long, new car running long makes the engine work long hours in a row, likely increased mechanical wear.
new car in 1000 to 1500 km within Shi should note, can put car of power gradually improve to highest speed or allows of highest engine speed; Qian 1500 km of driving way, decided has this running process of quality; in running period after, still needed avoid to not necessary of high engine speed driving, speed table scale disc of red warning regional began of place, that for allows of highest engine speed.
new tires also have a break-in period new car brake pads within 400 km of running in
the correct tire pressure and moderate driving can prolong the service life of the tire. Using the new tyres before driving 500 kilometers with moderate speed and careful driving pattern to a break-in. Throughout the service life of tires, to prevent tire contact grease, oil and corrosive substances.
new brakes after a break-in period, in the first 400 km within the extra-careful. Not often the emergency brake to avoid brake disc surface roughness, and even make abnormal noise. Speed is not fast, don't accelerate.
Active fuel traffic jam for more than half a minute to turn off engine
predictable and economical way of driving to reduce fuel consumption of 10% to 15%.
is one effective way of energy-saving fuel as early as possible for high, low gear high speed increases fuel consumption. Avoid traveling at maximum speed, at high speed, fuel consumption and harmful emissions and noise will grow disproportionately. Minimize idling, if a traffic jam or red light more than half a minute or more to close the engine, restart to save some.
also, note changes in tire pressure, low tire pressure can increase fuel consumption and wear, not the year with winter tires will increase fuel consumption, up to a maximum of 10%. Avoid unnecessary load, even a kilo in weight increases fuel consumption. BACK
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