Manual transmission driving common errors, bad driving habits

Drive more or less have some bad habits. Car manual car today to illustrate some bad driving habits.
long in half-clutch state
some drivers used to driving a Ningbo where good step on left foot on the clutch, so that you can better maintain control of the vehicle, but in fact, this great damage to clutch. Especially when the vehicle is running at high speed, a long half-clutch State will make rapid clutch wear. In addition, the second gear start also can cause premature failure of the clutch. A block starting on any car is useful.
not completely shift
drive cars when we can see that when some impatient owner never stepped in a clutch was busy hanging out, not only does this shift cannot be hung in, and long term operation, manual-car transmission is a fatal injury. Automatic shifting car-although there is no stepping on clutch problem, but a lot of drivers in vehicles when they are not coming to a full stop, hastily hung up the p Block, transmission hard to this condition and operation does not match the situation.
the curb jumped up
usual it is difficult to observe to the vehicle's shock absorbers, springs, suspension, but they are also vulnerable components of the vehicle. Forestallment of ditch-ahead slow, rather stiff in manner to allow other vehicles rushed over and this is not only to ensure ride comfort, Ningbo, also learning how much protection for shock absorbers, springs, suspension. Many owners on the curb when jumped on, display excellent driving skills. In fact maybe one time, vehicle shock absorber/spring is no longer suit your operations. Also, do not overload not only improve fuel economy, auto parts, such as hanging and care. BACK
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