Winter driving three FAQs: turn must slow down

Owners and the reader's particular attention to the topic of how to drive safely in winter. To do this, journalists invited experts to answer reader questions winter drove frequently asked questions, take care of vehicles you might want to take a closer look. Downhill
do not accelerate beyond the owners
song: I just bought a new car is baby, slippery road while driving do not know now what considerations?
in city driving, driver focus, but in the suburbs because of fewer vehicles, driver easy to let down their guard to drive fast, especially in the downhill, many drivers less when going downhill, the first reaction is accelerated, when in fact most prone to traffic accidents. If the front of the vehicle suddenly slowed down and may cause the rear vehicle brake rear because of the slippery roads.
drivers have less time to cross the line beyond trucks. Suddenly beyond the truck in the process, driving other vehicles came to the driver's line of sight may be truck stop, resulting in a head-on collision, dangerous.
winter road conditions on the road even if the vehicle less decline will slow down, try not to accelerate beyond.
turn must slow down play steering wheel
not worry Mr Chen: whenever you feel when turning the car in "drift", ask what considerations when you turn?
turn a seemingly simple action actually contains a lot of knowledge. According to a Changchun automobile 4S shop service director Li Bojun master introduction: winter and slippery brakes should be avoided before the turn and sharp turns, reduce speed to maintain a certain speed after turning slowly, play steering wheel can't be rushed, that cause the wheels went out of control and is quite dangerous, vehicle straight turn to humility, not vehicle straight and grab.
blowing warm air with external circulating now and then Windows that open air
MS Sun: I just bought the car, will the heater is blowing oil?
heater independent of vehicle fuel consumption, will not increase fuel consumption, heater works when the water temperature rises after using blowers within the hot air blown into the cab of tank, and air conditioning is the use of an engine to drive a compressor and fuel consumption.
new heater should be open to the "outer loop" status, to prevent fog on the glass cockpit in addition, using warm air in a confined space for a long time would harm the human respiratory system, especially when there are flu patients, but also to open the window and air, form time window ventilation habits BACK
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