Do not add oil, can't afford a car, just can't take a car

People with cars are predicted can know in advance Sino-foreign natural or man-made disasters such as earthquakes, wars, volcanoes, because they want to focus on the relevant departments of the oil price adjustments. Oil price rise is obvious and angry but sad and yet another car owners ' pain Chrysanthemum tight or lactic acid acid test came, it is parking! You can't run scared the woman the night of dressing up security, only to avoid sky-high parking fees! Said a woman such as Tiger, but parking is fiercer than a tiger, as Tiger woman only out of dressing up the tricks!
quiet, parking charge from a few dollars to stop till the sale price of Chinese cabbage rose was looking at the floor in silence so high! Once upon a time, go out to travel in order to save money, stop car parking all day is a time when pay parking fees also have to pay ten Yuan to buy a bottle of water opened change, lest the big tangle of fees at a time when parked is the "uncles", charging Uncle called uncle. Today, scenic spot parking day and hundreds of hours to bring 50 doesn't find, the most irritating is the uncle of charging money or take a cool and proud sense of superiority. Now a lot of people like to drive or rent a car to travel, however parking is closely followed eating, living, and playing several after the consumer has become another "weight" of consumer spending. Access an attractions car park a few hours dozens of Yuan, Chinese lunar new year also doubled parking charge to the heinous, renshengongfen, it is selling the Jade Emperor--sky-high!
When you've worked so hard to save money to buy a car, add the oil, then happy to travel with his family, eating hot pot song ready to drive home when suddenly find parking so expensive, in addition to swearing, but what are you trying to say? If a reporter came along and asked: "your family travel? You happy? "You will not have an impulse to hit him? Now many scenic attractions car parks parking fees can be astronomical, but really can't afford it!
I have a dream that one day to drive to work, The way is clear; I have a dream that one day driving to refuel, 93rd gasoline a second; I have a dream that one day travel by car, parking three blocks, I smiled, gave five, had a foot on the accelerator. BACK
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