Clutch half joint three tips and tricks revealed

Clutch device half linkage of using method revealed following:
clutch device half linkage of using exploration key one of
will clutch device lift to car began moving Shi you on don't again lift has, you if feel to car some fast has, can again down stepped on some, you if feel to car some slow has, can again to up lift some, such can will speed control in you wants to of speed range within.
clutch device half linkage of using exploration key of II
ramp started Shi, judge linkage points of method has five a:
first, and listening to engine of voice changes, dang clutch device lift to linkage points of when, engine on began to behind passed power, will consumption engine of power, so engine of speed declined, voice obviously variable small, then clutch device on lift to linkage points has.
Second, feet feeling: when carried to the linkage point of the clutch, clutch pedal and a slight feeling of the foot, at this time, may also prove the clutch linkage points.
third, the vehicle wobble: when the clutch is lifted to the point of linkage when vehicles and shift lever there is a shake at that time has shown that the clutch linkage points. Forth, engine tachometer speed change: If your car has an engine tachometer, clutch lifted in the process, if your car engine tachometer when speed decreased, can also prove the clutch linkage point.
fifth, with vehicles of impulse: when carried to the linkage point of the clutch, the vehicle would have a slight forward impulse, so when the clutch is carried to the linkage point.
to clutch device a lift to linkage points, on don't again lift has (if again lift, engine on flameout), also don't down stepped on has (if down stepped on, standing car brake a lifted, car on back slipped), then on State both lifted standing car brake (because in this when clutch device mill wipe tablets in pressure disc and flywheel Zhijian, both passed torque, and produced sliding turned, is in this when, even you not pulled standing car brake, engine both not flameout, vehicles also not back slipped, is this reasons, If you then Hou not state both lifted standing car brake, will caused clutch device mill wipe tablets of accelerated wear, soon on put clutch device mill wipe tablets mill bad or burn Coke has), car on started has (if car not moving, can again lift one points car on began go has), started Hou must bus forward 5 meters above, to will clutch device pedal slowly all lift up. Otherwise the engine to flameout.
Note: throttle road started to be big, because on the road, when starting engine only one driving the vehicle itself is overcome resistance, uphill ramp to overcome resistance, resistance increases, so the required engine power. Therefore, greater throttle than Ping Lu at the start. Most appropriate, the ramp according to the size of the decision, if the ramp is not too large, the accelerator has to appropriate larger, if the ramps and steep, the throttle will have another big, Max, don't exceed medium engine speed. All in all, a principle at the start of the ramp, must maintain sufficient engine power.
clutch device half linkage of using revealed of three
for document Shi half linkage using method:
document for Shang Hou, in clutch device pedal lift to linkage points of when to stopped 2--3 seconds, to will clutch device pedal all lift up, or, vehicles will appeared recoil (throttle release Shi) or rushed ran (throttle not release Shi) phenomenon, vehicles appeared recoil phenomenon Shi, is because for document speed high wherever the, vehicles appeared rushed ran phenomenon Shi, is because engine speed high wherever the. During this phenomenon are hard to avoid, so the interaction point of the clutch pedal to stop for 2-3 seconds when, half of engine and vehicle speed difference in clutch linkage under the narrows or equivalent, then put the clutch pedal fully up, recoil and rush would not have arisen. If you vehicle speed and engine speed with great understanding, is the clutch pedal faster, there will be no recoil and rush, to the above goal, not a month or two can do, must go through a long time of experience and practice to achieve, say, Rome wasn't built in a day. I wonder if you noticed there is no, change when you lift the clutch pedal quickly, vehicles will not be appearing sat and rush, that's why.

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