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Dalian Wan driving school, is a comprehensive driver training school. Purpose of the school is "differential treatment in education, teaching standards, facilities, service charges are reasonable, good faith, honest coaching", is this a training model, project, range, flexible training ideal driving school. Currently, driving school has various training vehicles more than 50 vehicles, and more than 10,000 more square meters training site and more than 1000 more square meters Office, and teaching with room, and can accommodate more than 100 more than people of multimedia electrified classroom, and theory no paper of training, and exam field, and road transport dangerous of laboratory, has car driving training simulation device room and the various car teaching equipment, and Assembly parts dozens of species, and has a support technology fine, and style hard of teaching team, which Dalian million has driving school, and Dalian driving school, and Dalian learn car, and Dalian driving school price, and Car prices in Dalian, Dalian which is driving good, Dalian learn how much money which good driving school, driving school in Dalian, Dalian phone, Dalian car registration telephone has a number of college educated managers and professional teachers, dozens of technicians and senior coaches. Driving school also has a dining hall and other facilities, providing quality logistical services for training.
driving school training, educational experience, advocates combining theory and practice, focusing on student pilot training of practical skills, forming a rich unique teaching system. To ensure the quality of training, schools for teaching departments, security management index, and the job responsibilities of quantitative assessment. To make the training effective, schools including coaches ' assessment, service commitment and a series of management systems. Schools to adhere to strict training discipline, formal and practical training method. Our goal is effective, standardized, rigorous. Each participant hours to one's liking, exam with satisfaction, when desirable. And please all the participants, from all walks of life, management supervision and our quality, service, integrity and brand. In the warm service, standardized teaching, patient counseling, clean and coached under the guidance of school policy, adhering to the principle of integrity running, combined with first class hardware facilities and professional coaches, Dalian Wan driving school has won recognized by society and authorities.
development is the absolute principle, conform to the trend of the times and meet the challenges of the new century, Dalian Wan driving school took the lead in the industry of the region to achieve more than the first: the first realization of multimedia network teaching; the first realization of Office Automation, information technology management; the first has its own Web site. A unified business model first. A brand is increasingly showing its outline, its many advantages are gradually into enormous energy, contributing towards making great strides, and strive to cultivate more qualified drivers. Through the eight-year history of Dalian that is seized with a driving school is a heroic, brilliant other side of sail!

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